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The Village – Movie Recommendation

by Izzy Kalman (August 2004)

Ever since I saw the incredible movie Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan, I have been looking forward to his new films. His most recent is The Village.

It’s hard to go wrong with a Shyamalan movie. Even the ones that aren’t truly great will give you plenty of food for thought, and the quality of his filmmaking is always good. The signature trait of his movies is that the ending suddenly changes your understanding of what you thought you had been watching.

The real reason I like Shyamalan is that I have this delusion that there is a unique spiritual connection between us (and I hate him for not being aware of this connection!) That connection was most obvious in Unbreakable. It seems amazing to me. I write a newsletter about the evil of money. Then I go to see Shyamalan’s latest film. And would you believe it – it is premised upon the idea of the evil of money! (You don’t find this out till the end.) Watch it and see for yourself. (Don’t worry, I didn’t spoil the movie for you.)

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