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“I think a lot of the information regarding anger was common sense. But it took this counseling to see how anger has a prolonged effect. It really opened my eyes to my own behavior and how to improve all my relationships. Thank you.”

Anna Rackley, Office Manager, Harlingen, Texas

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Izzy Kalman's Golden Rule approach is ideally suited for anyone suffering from relationship problems. In almost every instance in which we are having difficulty getting along with others, we are getting angry at them for the way they are treating us. 

Our anger is meant to get the other person to stop treating us badly. What we don't realize is that our anger is what's driving them to continue treating us badly. We just can't see it.

Furthermore, we feel that the other person is treating us like an enemy. What we don't realize is that we are simultaneously treating them like an enemy. We just don't realize it because no one ever taught us what it means to treat someone like a friend or enemy. 

To get others to treat us like friends, we need to treat them like friends. That is what the Golden Rule is about. The best way to teach this is via role-playing, which makes the knowledge experiential as well as theoretical.

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