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“The ‘fastest’ full-day seminar I’ve ever attended!” – Jay Trachman, Media Consultant, Fresno, California

You want your conference or event to be unforgettable. That’s why top dollars go to keynote speakers. Usually, they are gifted orators who will have the audience riveted.


Often, the excitement and motivation generated are temporary. If the talk is about bullying, the audience will be passionately motivated for a few days to refuse to tolerate bullying and to stand up for victims whenever bullying occurs. But after a few days, spectators resume their old ways. It’s because they’ve had their beliefs validated by the speaker, but their beliefs, and the actions based on those beliefs, have failed to make a difference in the problem of bullying. Doing more of the same won't work.


If you hire Izzy Kalman, it is not because he has a captivating voice and charismatic style. He is a shy introvert who went through periods of stuttering as a kid, and he can still be heard stammering today, too.


It you hire him, it’s because his strength is in seeing simple things the smartest people don’t notice, and for coming up with simple solutions to problems. Izzy will change the way people think. They will come away realizing they have been looking at a problem in the wrong way for twenty years, and their actions have actually been making bullying worse. They will never see or do things the same way. Their lives will be changed.


And it will happen while laughing. Performing improvisational role-plays with audience volunteers, he will have spectators in stitches as they discover their mistakes and learn how easy it is to improve their relationships. 

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From Soulmates to Cellmates

When a couple gets married, they expect to live happily ever after. If the bride and groom each bothered to look at their own parents, they'd realize they have no good reason to entertain such an expectation. Chances are that if their parents didn't get divorced, they are probably pretty miserable together. The divorce rate isn't 50% for nothing. 

Even when a new couple is sure they are soulmates, it is usually only a matter of time before they feel like cellmates. They fight all the time and treat each other worse than they treat anyone else. 

Let Izzy come to the rescue. He will teach your adult audience the same principles he used to save his own marriage. He derived these principles from his work in curing victims of teasing and bullying, and they apply amazingly well to marriages, too. To turn cellmates back into soulmates, let Izzy be your instructor.


Virtually no one who begins a family is psychologically prepared for the difficulty in store for them. Our children devise endless ways to drive us crazy. No one loves children and does as much for them, as we do. Yet they treat their parents worse than they treat anyone else. The more we do for them, the less they appreciate it. Instead of thanking us for our devotion and sacrifice, they only get mad when we don't give them what they want. Most parents look forward to working as a vacation from the kids. 

Fortunately, Izzy Kalman has an approach to parenting that makes it simpler and more satisfying. He reveals the true, secret reason kids wage war on their parents and how to easily end the war. Almost all typical discipline and behavior problems can be solved with little effort. Parents learn how to turn a lose/lose situation into a win/win. As a result, they get more respect and better behavior from their children than ever before. And their children are happier, too, when their parents aren't always yelling at them and bossing them around. 

Call (718) 983-1333 to discuss your organization’s needs, or click here for email contact.

Sibling Rivalry

Fighting between brothers and sisters is the single most common family problem in the world. The Biblical story of murder between the world's first siblings, Cain and Abel, suggests that the problem is as old as Civilization. It still remains one of the most stubborn of all problems, baffling even most therapists.

Izzy Kalman reveals the optical illusion that fools most people and results in the almost universal state of war between siblings. Izzy can teach parents how to quickly end the fighting with almost no effort. He can equip mental health professionals to understand and solve the problem with their clients. And he can even teach an auditorium full of children how to get their brothers and sisters to stop fighting with them at home.

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Humor: The Antidote to Anger and Narcissism


“Inspiring and uplifting. He gives us permission to embrace our imperfections and not take ourselves so seriously. Who would think that the answer to world peace is just a good self-deprecating joke? Thank you Izzy!”

– Mary Kate Mendoza, Entrepreneur, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

We all know the value of humor. It helps us heal, gets us out of the doldrums, and makes us stronger. As Reader's Digest has taught us so well, "Laughter is the Best Medicine." Counselors and therapists often want to know how to use humor in their work with clients. But no one seems to give them a clear way to do it. 

Izzy Kalman will turn your beliefs about humor upside down. Everyone thinks humor is positive and uplifting. You will discover that the opposite is true–humor is negative and down putting. Don't believe it? Then try to find a funny compliment. 

Discover things you will find in no psychology course or textbook: why it is biologically healthy for people to make fun of each other and themselves. And learn a simple approach to helping people that makes them laugh without your even trying to be funny.

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