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Marriage Consultation


How to Save a Good Marriage

Why would a good marriage need to be saved? Because sometimes they go bad.


Some people get married for the wrong reasons, or marry someone who is really not a good match for them. When these marriages go bad, it can be very difficult to save them.​

However, many people marry someone who can legitimately be considered their soulmate. They truly love and respect each other, and they are decent people who have good relationships with most people in their lives. But before they know it, they are angry and fighting all the time, treating each other like enemies, and clueless as to what went wrong. Instead of feeling like soulmates, they feel like cellmates. Neither is cheating on the other, and they both truly want to save the marriage.

These are good marriages, and they are ideal candidates for Izzy Kalman's Bullies to Buddies approach. It uses role-playing to teach them why they are treating each other so badly and how to use the Golden Rule to go back to being true friends. Improvement is often seen after the first session.

If this describes your situation, you can turn to us to learn how to restore your marriage and perhaps make it even better than ever. 

If you are a marriage counselor, you can turn to Izzy Kalman for training in his approach to improving marriages.

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Video Program: Look into our full-length video program, From Soulmates to Cellmates. 

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