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“We at PSI were so impressed with the simplicity and common sense of the Bullies to Buddies™ program that we had to make it our own. We have partnered with Izzy Kalman and Cleveland State University to bring this program to the thousands of students that PSI serves.”

                                                – Steve Rosenberg, Ph.D., Psychologist, President, PSI Solutions, Ohio

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  • Are you a counselor or therapist? Have you found that no matter how long you use your therapeutic techniques with victims of bullying, they continue to be bullied?

  • If you work in a school, have you discovered that the anti-bullying protocols you are expected to follow are doing little to reduce bullying, or even resulting in an intensification?

  • Is the “anti-bully” approach philosophically distasteful to you? Do you resent the fact that you spent years studying psychology only to be placed in the role of glorified law enforcement officer–monitoring hallways, instructing kids about “illegal” bullying behaviors, apprehending “bullies,” conducting investigations, judging kids, and meting out punishments? Would you like your school to be an educational institution rather than a law enforcement agency?

  • Or are you a public speaker who gives presentations to schools on bullying? Do you suspect that your pep talks get kids hyped up against bullying for a couple of days but have no lasting impact? Do you want an approach to bullying that actually works?


The Bullies to Buddies system is different. In easy to understand terms and with powerful yet fun role-plays, you will impart a different way of understanding and dealing with bullying that will enable people to handle it on their own. It is a truly psychological approach that empowers people with the social skills to deal with hostility for a lifetime. Your job satisfaction will skyrocket, as will the demand for your services.


As a side benefit, most people who go through the training program also discover that their own relationships improve!

Cost of Bullies to Buddies Certified Trainer Program: $1500.


What you will receive:

  • Ten individual sessions with Izzy Kalman

  • A set of all his materials, retailing for hundreds of dollars

​Learn how to teach kids (and adults) to handle all typical forms of bullying, such as

  • Common insults

  • Racial/gender/sexual orientation (e.g., gay/lesbian) slurs

  • Insults about disabilities

  • Hitting/pushing

  • Threats

  • Rumors

  • Taking of possessions/stealing

  • Social exclusion

  • Pressure to choose between friends

  • Bragging

  • Cyberbullying

  Learn how to teach educators to

  • Effortlessly handle disrespectful students

  • Effectively respond to bullying complaints between students so that hostilities are neutralized and they are enabled to handle future incidents on their own

You will also receive:

  • Half-price on all Bullies to Buddies products, which you may resell for profit

  • Authorization to advertise your services as a Certified Bullies to Buddies Trainer

For agencies or schools wishing to train multiple professionals in groups, please contact Izzy to discuss pricing.



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