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Child Empowerment Groups

"I checked between 250 and 300 programs. I was eager to find the best. But all the programs were anti-bullying, censoring the bullies and making the aggression even worse. I think it’s like divine intervention when I found the Bullies To Buddies program, because it made sense immediately. I was like “This is it!”"

Ana Maria Andreu, Clinical Psychologist and Bullies To Buddies Trainee

Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Bullies to Buddies groups are an excellent way to teach kids how to stop being bullied. They will learn not only how to deal with hostility in school, but also how to get along better with their siblings, parents and teachers.

Here are some advantages of groups over individual consultation:

  • Participants see that they are not alone with this problem, but that it is quite common.

  • Children learn from the experiences of others. 

  • The cost per session is a fraction of the cost of an individual session.

Group sessions can be held locally in the case that Izzy Kalman or another practitioner is in your vicinity. The majority of groups, though, will be conducted by remote video conference in the comfort of your own home. No need to wait till there are enough participants in you locality! No need to travel, saving time and expense!

For more information, contact us at:

US: 866-983-1333

Israel: 058-690-6191

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