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A Message from the Twilight Zone

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

by Izzy Kalman (June 2002)

When I was a kid, I loved watching the Twilight Zone. One episode disturbed me more than any other. Only recently have I come to understand its significance.

This is the story. A driver gets caught in a terrible storm at night. He knocks on the door of a large, gothic-looking building with the hope of getting shelter for the night. A bearded man who looks like a monk opens the door. He doesn’t want to let him in, but does so only because he feels sorry for him. He says he can let him stay on one condition. He must promise to stay away from the man in the dungeon. The people in the house, he says, are a sect that has been hunting the devil for centuries, and they finally caught him and are keeping him imprisoned. If he is let out, worldwide catastrophes will ensue.

As you might guess, the guest strikes up a conversation with the prisoner through the small barred window in the cell door. The prisoner says that he is being held by lunatics and that he is nothing but an innocent victim. Before long, our well-meaning visitor feels sorry for this unfortunate man and opens the door of the dungeon.

The next few seconds have haunted me forever. The freed man walks down the hallway. With each column he passes, he looks more and more like the devil. By the time he reaches the door to leave, the transformation is complete. Yes indeed, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The World is a Dangerous Place The Twilight Zone story I just related is playing itself out in real life. Terrorism has put the world is in a very precarious position. It can literally tear down all of Civilization, and perhaps all of life along with it, if it goes unchecked.

Unfortunately, many people in the world are blinded by compassion. For the devil to succeed, he can’t go around sporting horns, a tail, and a long, black cape. No one would be foolish enough to go near him. So he disguises himself as a victim. People instinctively have pity for victims and to want to help them.

Of course, some people are innocent victims and deserve pity and help. But the devil is hiding among them. This goes on at all levels of life.

Children knowingly antagonize their older siblings, who then get punished by their parents because they are bigger, stronger, and “should know better.”

The Menendez brothers kill their parents then get leniency from the jury because they are orphans! (If you are interested in this case, copy the following address into your browser:

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebald shoot up their school, Columbine High, and blame the bullies who teased them for their horrific deed. The Western World feels sorry for victims and declares zero tolerance for bullies, even though it is hate-filled victims who commit the atrocities.

Terrorists fly commercial airplanes into gigantic buildings and tell us that we made them do it! And the really scary thing is that so many of us believe them!

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