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This three hour recording is an abridged version of Izzy Kalman’s full day, six hour seminar on bullying for mental health professionals and educators.

Why is it called “Radical”? For two reasons. “Radical” means “fundamental.” It is based on fundamental principals underlying every major school of psychology, philosophy and religion. It teaches the practical application of the Golden Rule, the universally recognized formula for morality and harmony. Second, it is radically different from the orthodox approach to bullying, an approach that has been failing dismally because it is departure from universally accepted wisdom. Rather than empowering people, it promotes a victim mentality, and when people think like victims, they get victimized.

If you work in a school and have found that the orthodox approach isn’t working, this seminar will teach you why. And you will learn what does work, with much less investment of time and effort than that required by the orthodox approach.

If you are a mental health professional who works with clients who are bullied, have you found that what you have learned about bullying leaves you absolutely helpless in solving your clients’ problems? Have you been trying to comfort them by informing them that the bullying is not their fault in any way, and discovered that it does nothing to make the bullying stop? Are you supposed to play police officer going after your client’s bullies for them? This seminar recording and the accompanying Trainer’s Manual will teach you fun yet powerful techniques for empowering your clients to stop being bullied without anyone’s help and without getting anyone in trouble. In the process they will grown in self-esteem, popularity, resilience, happiness, independence and emotional maturity.

If you want an effective alternative to the failing popular approach to bullying, this radical seminar may be exactly what you are looking for!
for which has will change the way you understand bullying and also teach you how to quickly and easily solve the problem of bullying for kids and schools. Whatever school of psychology you follow, you should find that this fits.

Izzy Kalman’s Radical Bullying Seminar – Video Download

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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