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A Victory for Lawyers in New Jersey

by Izzy Kalman (June 2002)

Only a few days ago, New Jersey joined the ranks of States that hold its schools responsible for the bullying that goes on between their students. Since most of the anti-bullying programs claim to reduce bullying by up to 50%, the school can still expect to fail to eliminate the remaining 50% of bullying.

Fortunately, parents of victimized kids will now be able to take their school districts to court when their children continue to be bullied and hopefully win enough money to give their kids an ivy league education. This is great news for lawyers, too. As in most sectors of the American economy, unemployment has gone up for the legal profession in recent years, particularly since Sept. 11, 2001. Lawyers will be able to spend their time in court fighting evil child bullies while saving up for their own children’s ivy league educations as well.

When such lawsuits are won, we can probably expect to see awards in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars — perhaps even millions of dollars when victims of bullying commit suicide or murder. I hope that enough money will be left over to pay teachers’ salaries.

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