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Another Rare Critic of the Anti-Bully Movement: Jerry Moore

by Izzy Kalman (October 2008)The anti-bully movement is the most uncontroversial social movement in the history of the world. Every other social issue has people pro and con. However, try to find any critics of the anti-bully movement and you will find almost nothing, despite repeated findings that anti-bully interventions aren’t working. Do a Google search for anyone saying anything against anti-bully policies and you will be amazed how little you come up with. You will always find my writing at the top of the list, and almost nothing else. I recently came across someone else who sees what’s wrong with the anti-bully movement and has written quite a bit! His name is Jerry Moore, an attorney who deals extensively with educational issues and is passionate about improving education. If you are interested in his insightful views about anti-bully programs and policies, you can read his comments on his website. He reprints articles from the world of education, then inserts his comments in blue type. To find his comments you therefore need to scan the articles and look for the blue type. It’s worth the effort.

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