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Europe Finally Waking Up

by Izzy Kalman (October 2005)

Several months ago, I wrote about the true danger to society coming not from violence in entertainment but from real-life authority figures preaching violence. When leaders speak, people follow. (Click here to read the article.) I am a fervent supporter of freedom of speech, but it does not cover incitement to violence. When a leader calls for his followers to kill, the leader is guilty of killing. Because of political correctness – not wanting to offend minority groups – European countries have permitted radical Muslim religious leaders to preach hatred and to call for killing of infidels. After the July bombings in London, European leaders woke up and realized they can no longer allow this to continue. England and some other European countries have finally made it a crime to preach violence and have been expelling religious leaders who do so. They have also been demanding that mainstream Muslim leaders start condemning fellow Muslims who call for violence.

#incitementtoviolence #Terrorism

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