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Obesity and Teen Suicide

by Izzy Kalman (August 2003)

I have said many times that being teased is a major factor in teen suicide; that for every victim of teasing who commits a school shooting, there must be at least a hundred who take their own lives. (You can read more about this in my essay, Columbine Made Simple) As I was driving in my car last night, I heard a news item on the radio saying that obese kids are at a greater risk of suicide because they get teased about their weight. This morning I looked up the Reuter’s news agency on the internet and found a listing about this item. The source of this news is the current edition of the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. It discusses a research study on obese teens and depression. It is no surprise that obese kids get teased more often than their non-obese peers. Being teased relentlessly is a horrible problem, and obese kids are in particular need of the solution. If you know any overweight kids who suffer from teasing, please refer them to my free manual, How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying, found on the website or send them the audio CD version, available for sale on the website. [Addendum — I have recently written an article of advice specifically for obesity. You can read it here:

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