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Slobodan Milosevic — BULLY OR VICTIM?

by Izzy Kalman (March 2002)

Slobodan Milosevic is back in the news. He is being tried for crimes against humanity by a UN war crimes tribunal.

This man has been reviled by the world for allegedly masterminding the attempted genocide of the Albanian people in Yugoslavia. He certainly fits the bill of “bully”: someone who repeatedly uses his power to intimidate and control others of lesser power.

Experts also routinely tell us that one of the characteristics of bullies is that they lack empathy.

Looking at Mr. Milosevic, this seem to be true. At his hearings, he is not expressing any remorse. Yes, he is a typical example of the evil, unempathic bully.

The problem is that Slobodan Milosevic is not presenting himself as a bully. He is not saying, “I enjoyed causing the suffering and deaths of countless people, and will do so again if I ever get the chance.” He is presenting himself as a victim! He says he is being unjustly blamed for fighting terrorism within his borders. The true criminals, he insists, have been NATO, mercilessly bombing the people of Yugoslavia.

Why does Mr. Milosevic show no remorse? Is it because he feels like a bully, and evil bullies feel no remorse?

No! It’s because he feels like a victim. Victims are the ones who feel no remorse! Why? Simple! Because they believe they are the innocent ones, unjustly attacked by evil bullies. Innocents have nothing to be remorseful for because they have done nothing wrong.

Victims don’t feel sorry, victims want revenge!

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