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The Best Bargain in New York City (Julliard)

by Izzy Kalman (November 2003)

Where do the world’s best musical and theatrical talent go to study? The world-renowned Julliard School, of course. These kids learn to be performers, which means that they have to perform as part of their education. Guess what? The Julliard School has free concerts by students several times a day during the school year, including weekends. These concerts are held in small, state-of-the-art theaters located in the Lincoln Center complex. You get to sit so close to the performers even a blind person can see them. And these phenomenal performers DESERVE to be seen and applauded by a full audience. (You’ll be amazed how many seats are empty at these free concerts!)

So if you live in or near New York City, or are coming for a visit, make sure to make some time for Julliard. You have nothing to lose, literally. Well, actually some of the more grandiose performances do have a nominal charge. Here is a link to their schedule. So go and enjoy!

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